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Srsly, nobody’s talking about Bionic Commando?


The game is out since last week and in my book it’s awesome.

Not, like, superawesome but very entertaining.

I know there have been mixed reviews, but as part of my “i’m working on my diploma thesis and don’t have time for this shit”-, err, I mean my “Don’t read reviews, just enjoy the games”-strategery I have read only the Chris Kohler one in which he complained about some anachronisms and inconsequeces of style, i mean what the fuck?

The swinging physics are great, the old-school references very nice and the music is just plain jaw-dropping (the title theme alone,… a piano-only acoustic version of the bionic commando theme). The graphics are great.

What one might frown upon is the linearity of the levels but come on, this is an action game and to be enjoyed as such. I heard nobody complaining about the linearity in Gears of War. Swing around, kill bad dudes, pick up weapons and have some fun. Watch Capt. Spencer do ridiculous backflips and listen to him scream in joy while he’s zip-kicking guys in the fucking face.

I’ve only just passed Downtown Ascension City and the first level immediately aftewards and I like this game pretty much. Yeah.

I think the problem is that this is a very oldschooly-feeling game, yet wrapped and marketed as new-school which leads to disappointed expectations with those that don’t enjoy this type of game-structuring.

Those are probably the same that complained about Ninja Gaiden being too hard.

Screw those guys!

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